According to a Recent Study... Create, Inspire, Discover

According to a recent study (by which I mean I wrote something in crayon on the back of a Starbucks napkin): “People will read anything and believe it when the headline findings cite a recent study.”
I'll write more about the study's findings later on...
------------------------------------, I won't.  Can't we focus our time on contributing more to society than cheering vanity metrics, citing non-statistically significant studies and polls and creating campaigns to nowhere?

Just go out there and create.  Anything.  Create original content.  Design a new piece of artwork or write an original novel.  Innovate and make the next drug or medical device that will let us hold on to our loved ones longer.
Start a new business; your startup or company may fail once, twice or more but the real failure would be to not try anything at all. I salute you, budding entrepreneur.
Inspire. We waste too much time trying to cover our own tails, pleasing the powers that be, without thinking of the long-term goal of making our little lives a happier, funnier and safer place.
Make people laugh. Humor is one of those unquantifiable luxuries that can really change a person's outlook.  Laughter is an intoxicating medicine that can cure the week's monotony (disclaimer: laughter is not actually medicine and cannot fix that rash; seriously, go see a doctor already).  #StevieDeepThoughts is my regular reminder to myself to take a minute and think differently (and ridiculously).
We live among so many smart and creative minds, in a time with the technology and resources available for anyone to create their masterpiece(s).  The internet is not just for cat pictures; it's a cost-effective mechanism to distribute your work.  The world is your audience (potentially, with the right marketing, hard work and quality content, of course).
I am in a creativity rut.  I challenge you all to keep inventing, discovering and performing in your respective areas of expertise and maybe, just maybe, in the meantime, I can figure out my next adventure.
I'll see you out there.