There is No Room for Negativity in 2017, Only Cheers, Beers and Puppy Ears

The only thing negativity ever supported was the creation of more negativity, but creating an environment of negativity was so 2016. Rather than thinking about the things that make you annoyed and passive aggressively posting about them on Facebook, why not actively do something to promote positivity in your community, at home and in all other facets of your life.

Positivity in the Workplace
As an example, just this week, I started a new company, hired 10 people and already laid off all of the employees. By doing so, I actively prevented these 10 individuals from having to deal with the “back to work blues” that most people are experiencing today after the holiday break. By taking action, the friends and families of my former employees do not have to view their negative posts and memes about going to work today, which will have broader network effects of creating positivity throughout the world.

Folks, I’m not a hero. I’m just a man, trying to make the world a more positive place, one day at a time.

Pay it Forward on Your Morning Commute
It’s no surprise that commuters in all major cities hate experiencing delays on their way to work. Washington, D.C. is no exception, especially with its Metro system that experiences systemic delays on a regular basis due to single tracking, broken doors and a whole host of other factors. People love sharing their negativity of Metro on social media channels. In the past, I have participated in this practice, which is why I took steps this morning to quash the morning commuting negativity for all D.C. Metro riders.

As a group of us waited for the doors to close while aboard a crowded train, an adorable group of kids approached the train car to board. They all appeared to be excited to be in Washington, especially on the first day back for Congress and many workers in the area. To remedy the situation, I turned to the wide gentleman next to me, nodded, and we both proceeded to block the train door and prevent the group of kids from attempting to board. Our actions prevented more overcrowding, which would have broken the Metro doors and cause the train to be offloaded, one of the biggest sources of negativity out there.

Sometimes we all have to make tough decisions for the greater good. You’re welcome, D.C.

Be the Positive Difference
I know that these messages about positivity can be so cliché. These are just a couple examples of how I have started off 2017 to prevent an environment of negativity, but there are many more stories to share. Be the positive difference in your social circles and communities this year and share your stories using #StevieDeepThoughts.

Yes, I was attacked by a bed frame, but it could have been worse. You should see the box spring.

Disclaimer: I did not do any of these things this year. Yet.