The Art of the Compliment

Everyone loves receiving praise. Sometimes people just need to be assured that they’re doing a great job (even if such assurance couldn’t be further from the truth). It’s sad how some people take criticism so personally, when more often than not both parties are just trying to achieve the same goal.

That all being said, sometimes babies need their bottles, so I went ahead and drafted a few crowdpleasers to overcome those awkward moments when you just can’t think of the appropriate words of praise.

  1. "You're the best kicker in the fantasy football draft."
  2. "Your radio audience will just love that outfit on you today."
  3. “Happy birthday!” – This one works best when their birthday is months away
  4. “My brother would really like you.” – I don’t have a brother
  5. "You’re going to be just like Michael Phelps in Tokyo!” – Out of the competition at age 35
  6. “Millennials would totally hashtag that.” – What?
  7. “You’ve just thought of the next Uber!” – They literally just stole the idea of Uber
  8. “Have you ever thought of starting your own blog?”
  9. “You remind me a lot like how I was at your age.” – Works best when you’re younger than them
  10. “I’d love to hear more. Can we schedule a meeting next week?” – You’re on vacation next week