The Presidential Election Will Not Help Your Health

This presidential election has been kind of like that rash you found on your ankle last fall.  It was sort of interesting from afar for a while; then a little bit tedious, back to interesting and then you kind of forgot about it for a month or two.  Now, we’re currently in the stage of, “Maybe I should have been more careful with my decisions early on, and what do you mean amputation?”

With this weekend’s surprising announcement from the Cruz-Kasich campaigns about a coordinated alliance, we have moved way past the regularly occurring crazy political thing to a whole new amazing political thing.  The campaigns announced that they would attempt to divide the remaining state primary contests with the hope of stopping front runner Donald Trump from reaching the 1,237 delegate threshold to win the GOP nomination.  The odds of an open convention are rapidly increasing by the hour, especially with new coordinated efforts and targeted campaigning to stop Mr. Trump from getting the nomination on the first ballot.  Cleveland in July should make for an interesting few days of political theater.

The moral of the story: Please go to the doctor soon.  That ankle rash is really getting pretty bad, and it won’t get any better by following the latest shenanigans of the U.S. primary elections.