BEWARE: The Worst Horror Story Ever


The house was flooded with a midnight gloom.  The wind outside blew tree branches along the window, like thin bony fingers running down a spine.  She thought she heard footsteps coming from the living room.  “How cliché,” she thought. “The babysitter in a horror film, really?” Slowly, she walked to the nearby light switch to illuminate the room to check if she had really heard a noise.


“Great, now the lights are out?” she whisper aloud.  She took small steps through the kitchen to look for an alternate source of light.  She found the switch and lightly lifted her hand to try her luck.  Success!

With the light as her guide, she moved toward the living room to check on the suspicious noise.  As she timidly peered into the other room, she saw it: the complete 9-disc Blu-ray set of HBO’s The Newsroom sitting by the Miller family TV.

She ran out of the house screaming.  She would not be babysitting the Miller twins ever again.