Help Make a Person’s Day, Change the World

Everyone comes from a different emotional place each and every day.  On my commute this morning, I noticed how varied the emotions of my fellow commuters appeared; some smiling and bubbly while others were visibly upset. The happy days are the ones we like to share and the sadder days we like to bury, but each day brings people together in some fashion.  Our emotions are important; they help craft the elements that make each of us unique.

On a micro level, connecting with just one person can change that person’s day for the better.  On a broader scale, we can be more engaged, more productive and even funnier if we can overcome our own personal fears and anxieties and put them in context with everything else going on at that point in time around the world.


Why is he sad?
Weak, emotional and unsure why, he moves through his apartment with a feeling of unease.  What was once a feeling of joy is now backed by an overbearing sense of sadness.  He racks his brain for an explanation of this emotional shift and finds none.

He buries this feeling for a moment and opts for a shower to rinse off the night’s unrest and the morning’s unease.  They say that cleanliness is next to godliness.  But why is he still sad?

Why is he laughing?
A joke.  A compilation of words and stories that makes him open his mouth and exhale with an unpreventable uproar.  The girl made him laugh.  He was downbeat and unengaged, and then she turned everything around.

Her anecdote was nothing extraordinary, but it changed everything. She smiled at his laughter. She knew she had made a connection, but she did not know the magnitude.  She had changed the world.

Why is he hopeful?
Upbeat, excited and optimistic about the day, he walks down the sidewalk with a smile.  A new sunrise shines light on a rested city emerging from its much-needed slumber.  A new day is a new opportunity to fix the problems in the world.

He channels this confidence and brightness and proceeds to his next stop on the railway of life.  He is a citizen of the world.  He can do anything.


I am feeling optimistic.  I am confident. I can do anything.